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Occupied Staging

Initial Consultation
First Visit - Walk Through/Assessment
  • Simple photos of each room will be taken for reference only

  • Consultation as to services will be provided

  • The emotions of preparing your home for the market will be discussed

  • Your goals for your home during the selling process will be established

  • Redesign staging solutions will be planned and provided during a follow up visit

  • This visit can be a one time "Walk and Talk" assessment with action items implemented during a two hour window.

Second Visit - Action Plan
  • Room photos will be used to create a detailed Recommendation Report

  • Repairs/upgrades/paint recommendations will be provided

  • Room by room assessment with be provided in the form of a prioritized, step by step approach for putting your best home forward to the buyer

Realtors can offer these services to their clients for $300 for the first two visits as noted above. Each visit will last for a maximum of 1.5 hours. After the initial consultation, clients can move forward independently, or can choose to move forward with support as noted below. "Walk and Talk" assessment and implementation of items is charged at $200. Time over the four hour limit provided above will be billed to the homeowner at $100 per hour.

Secondary Services
Room Arrangement & Redesign
  • Staging redesign with client's items & small furniture additions

  • Staging with bedding, towels, pillows, area rugs, lamps, and accessories as needed to highlight your home's best features

  • Curb appeal & exterior staging

  • Destaging

  • Painters

  • Cleaning Services

  • Handyman Services

  • Consignment Shops

  • Storage Facilities

  • Packing Services

  • Donation Locations


Redesign services are provided for $500 per room using the homeowner's items and added accessories. Supplied staging items will remain the property of JKruHome and be removed prior to closing. Does not include truck delivery of large items. Editing of homeowners items and repairs need to be completed before staging. 

* When referrals are needed, multiple choices will be presented under the assumption client will be personally responsible for such choice. The decision to hire any independent contractors is the sole responsibility of the client. No form of gift or payment will be paid to JKruHome in return for such recommendation.

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